“For our team building exercise at Shiseido Austria, I wanted us not only to spend a day together, but also to learn something in the process. Given my expertise in Neuromarketing and BrainSearch, I was immediately attracted by the INSIGHTS Personality Analysis. We all completed the questionnaires in advance and discussed them individually with Charlotte Eblinger and Ivana Zwickl. Then CIS Leadership Qualities did an INSIGHTS workshop with us. The day was emotional, fun and an eye-opener for all of us. Since then, I feel that I in particular have got to know each member of staff better. But I have also noticed that they show a bit more understanding for each other too. At the staff’s request, I also used the INSIGHTS analyses as the basis for open and stimulating staff appraisals.” (2015)

Ulrike Isemann
General Manager Austria
Shiseido Deutschland GmbH (Austrian Office)

“We – my management team and I – did the CIS management development programme. Over a period of two years, Charlotte Eblinger, Stella Hiesmayr and Ivana Zwickl tested, supported, challenged and often surprised us. The programme covered classic management theories, cleverly packaged in entertaining and insightful methods, but always customised to our own specific needs, issues and challenges. Aside from the training mainstream, they encouraged us to reflect deeply on ourselves as individuals and as a group, on our roles, our values, our purpose and our mission. And, of course, the improvisational theatre method is an absolute MUST for top managers when it comes to experiencing and learning course material and for learning and practicing courage, spontaneity and flexibility.”

Kai Mitterlechner
Managing Director
SKY Österreich GmbH

“The three members of the CIS team are all very different characters and use precisely this mix to reach different target groups. They worked together to convincingly convey the idea behind their CIS programme to us. I was particularly impressed by two aspects: the clear focus on (just) three areas – charisma, interaction and system – and the nice approach of reinforcing the positive (instead of reducing the negative). In combination with the coaching experience of the three trainers, this CIS approach is set to quickly make a name for itself in the leadership development sphere!”

Mag. Klaus Mörtl
Managing Director
Mein Optimierer

“Complex topics like leadership, motivation and performance are very challenging for any coach. Charlotte Eblinger, Ivana Zwickl and Stella Hiesmayr managed to make learning by doing/experiencing possible. A real asset and gain!”

Mag. Martin Bank
Managing Director
Bank & Partner GmbH
Performance Consulting

“I was very pleased with what Stella-Maria Hiesmayr, Charlotte Eblinger and Ivana Zwickl achieved with their CIS leadership approach – and with how they communicated it. It made me think, has a sound intellectual basis and was nonetheless entertaining.”

Andreas Kéri
Director Business Development Services
Alcatel-Lucent EMEA

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